AVFS Issues Press Release for the Launch on 21st August

Media Release
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Australia Vietnam Friendship Society launches in Melbourne
Melbourne, 12th August 2014.
The Australia Vietnam Friendship Society (AVFS) announces its arrival in Melbourne with an official launch on 21st August, featuring the amazing Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Magician Vinh Giang.

The above is an excerpt from a media release issued today announcing the launch that is to take place at the Maritime Union's function room in West Melbourne. You can down load the full media release here: Media Release

AVFS President meets with Vietnamese Ambassador

Mr Luong Thanh Nghi, the Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia, made a special visit to the offices of the AVFS in Melbourne, where he met with Kim Sampson (AVFS President), to discuss current and planned activities on the AVFS.

The Ambassador expressed his gratitude for our commitment to Vietnam, and for our support of charities, such as the Vietnam Childrens’ Fund, the Thien Phuc Charity Centre, and Victims of Agent Orange. He also thanked the AVFS for supporting the Vietnamese position on China’s encroachment of their exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea.

Kim and Ambassador

Mr Luong Thanh Nghi (Veit Nam Ambassador) and Kim Sampson (AVFS President)

AVFS position on Hoang Sa Archipelago acknowledged

On May 28 of this year, the AVFS President, Mr Kim Sampson, wrote to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs (The Honorable Julie Bishop) to request that the Australian Government take action in restoring peace to the region after China's decision to install a drilling rig in Vietnam's exclusive economic zone. He went on to say that the action was highly provocative, and has undermined the peace and stability that has existed in the region.

A copy of the letter was sent to Luong Thanh Nghi, Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia. A separate letter was also sent to the Shadow Minister, Ms Tania Plibersek. Since then, responses have been received from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and from the Ambassador respectively. Both letters are available here.

Letter from DFAT

Letter from Ambassador

AVFS President signs MoU with VAFA

On 19th May 2014, AVFS President Mr Kim Sampson, was in Hanoi to sign an historical Memorandum of Understanding between the Australia Vietnam Friendship Society, and the Vietnam Australia Friendship Association. The document was produced in English and Vietnamese, and are reproduced below.

A pdf of both can be downloaded at the end of this article.




Tran Van Nhung, President VAFA and Kim Sampson, President AVFS

A copy of the MoU, in both English and Vietnamese, can be downlaoded here: MoU


Visit to Thien Phuc Charity Centre

A report from Ron and Bev Hall, 12th January 2014

The Thien Phuc Charity Centre is located about 60 kilometres north of Hanoi in Bac Giang province. The charity centre serves as an orphanage for about 140 children but it also serves a small community as a training centre and shelter for women and children.

Thien Phuc Charity Centre

It was started by a mother of several adopted children, Ms Song, who also has two children of her own. Along with her husband, she founded the Thien Phuc Charity Centre and about four years ago the buildings were established with aid from the South African government. Since then there has been assistance from other governments, including the Italian and Germen governments.

Facilities at the centre include a two story building which has several rooms down stairsand a large area upstairs a large multi-purpose area. Nearby there is a dining area and and another building which serves as a workshop. It contains about 40 sewing machines that were apparently donated by a factory. These are used by some of the children and women from the community to acquire skill that will help them find employment in the community. A number of the children at the centre are disabled and a special effort is made so that they can become as independent as possible.

Walking at the TPCC

When we were shown the downstairs area of the main central building it was pointed out that the rooms had no doors. Possibly our small donation was large enough to held put doors on at least some of these rooms.

Attached to the centre is a garden and a fish pond, both of which provide food to the centre, some of which we had the privilege to sample. The fish pond below the garden is flooded by the local river during the wet season which as the effect of restocking with fish to last the rest of the year after the water has receded.

A project they are about to embark on involves the planting of jack fruit which is of special value as it has a particularly high content of beta carotene, even much more so than carrots.

Today the centre serves a community of four hundred or more people in need of support – disabled children, struggling families and women needing shelter. On behalf the Australia Vietnam Friendship Society we promised to continue our support for their work. With obvious pleasure, they recalled Kim Sampson’s visit last year which precipitated our visit this year. Our society has become part of some genuine friendship building. It was considered auspicious to have foreign visitors so early in the New Year – that is the Lunar New Year.

Ron, Bev et al


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