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The AVFS supports a number of worthy causes in Vietnam. You can read about some of them here.

Thien Phuc Charity Centre

The Thien Phuc Charity Center is an NGO which was established in 2010 with the main objective to provide food and rehabilitation to orphaned children, people with disabilities, people affected by Dioxin poisoning, helpless elderly people. The Charity Center also sponsors orphans outside of the community.

The Thien Phuc Charity Center is entirely run by volunteers, is self-governing and financed through donations.

The children from the Thien Phuc Charity Center go to local schools in the area. The volunteers work hard to create a real future for these kids. The children receive support to develop their physical strength, their intellectual abilities and their personality with the goal to find a job and become self-sufficient, which provides them with a chance to fully integrate into the community as they get older.

The Center has recently built a family area of 4000 m2 that comprises a kitchen, hall, dining rooms, and garden with a pond.

Thien Phuc

The Center is currently looking after 35 orphaned children and disabled people, and sponsors another 47 orphaned children outside the community.

The Bac Giang Province has currently 28,000 orphans and disabled people who need help. Many other people with disabilities, and especially helpless elderly are desperate to join the centre as well.

In order to create a sustainable structure across the province any donation will help.

For more information contact the AFVS office.

The National Fund for Vietnamese Children

The National Fund for Vietnamese Children was founded on 4th May, 1992, and belongs to the Ministry of Labour-Invalids and Social Affairs, functioning as an organization to appeal for domestic and international sponsorship to partly realize the objectives of protection, care and education of children.

The operative aim of the Fund is to bring a better life to children with special living conditions in accordance with the Law on Child Protection, Care and Education including: disabled children, dioxin child victims, underprivileged children, homeless children and orphan children via the execution of projects such as “inter-communal Center for Functional Rehabilitation for disabled children”, “heart surgery for children”, “eye operations”, “smile operation”, “scholarships for children”, “supporting disadvantaged children” and “physical surgery”.

The program of “scholarships for children” was first carried out in 2005. By the end of 2008, the Fund had granted 27.350 scholarships to disadvantaged children, children of the invalid family, disabled children, children of minority ethnics and talented children with the total expense of approximately 5.5 billion Dong.

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